QuantumPath is a family of products designed for both enterprises, and mobile network operators & vendors. QuantumPath products are used to proactively benchmark mobile networks, improve subscriber Quality of Experience, reduce OPEX and subscriber churn, diagnose network issues and automate testing

QP-ProMobile (Brochure)

Proactively and intelligently benchmark and monitor your network

  • Geographical and temporal trends
  • Real-time view of Quality of Experience across network
  • Churn reduction
  • QoE improvement

QP-TaaS (Brochure)

Testing and Troubleshooting as a Service

  • Cloud-based automated control of up to 8 mobile devices
  • Continuous testing over mobile and wifi networks
  • OPEX reduction

QP-Cell2Core (Brochure)

Proactively diagnose problems from cell edge to the core network

  • Speedy fault isolation
  • Reduce launch times for new services
  • OPEX reduction

If you want more details about these products, or wish to arrange a demo, please contact us