Mobile Signal Surveys

We offer a comprehensive survey service that can check both in-building and outdoor mobile signals, and voice & data performance

Which One Is Right For Me?

5G Internet Assurance

5G Internet Assessment

If you need to measure the 5G mobile signal at a specific location, this is the right option for you

In-building Mobile Survey
In-building Site Survey

Moving premises or mobile operators? You need this

Outdoor Mobile Survey
Outdoor Site Survey

Need to check and measure the mobile signals throughout an outdoor site? Pick this

Drive Test Survey
Drive Test Survey

Do you need to know if your vehicles are connected throughout their route? Choose this

5G Internet Assessment

5G Performance

Find out which mobile network offers the best 5G performance at all your locations, anywhere in the world


Evaluate the 5G mobile performance over an entire week to ensure the service meets your organisation's internet access needs

Cost Effective

Being the world's first automated 5G Internet assessment, no on-site personal are required and it can run 24/7, providing great value

Internet Resiliency

Understand your mobile signal and service quality before using it as a primary or back-up network connection for main, branch or home offices, or to replace expensive leased lines

In-building Site Survey

New Premises

Check the mobile signal before moving locations, saving time and money, and minimising the impact on your business’s productivity

New Mobile Operator

Understand the extent of mobile not-spots at main and branch offices or stores, and how they impact business efficacy and employees’ health and safety


Evaluate the mobile signal before moving mobile networks. Surveys can be performed at both office and home locations to ensure a successful migration

Voice Resiliency

Understand which areas of a building have a good mobile voice signal to ensure resilience in the event of fixed-line phone system failure

Outdoor Site Survey

New Site

Allow architects, developers and construction to understand the existing mobile signals of a site, before and during development

Remote Locations

Enable companies to establish connectivity for lone workers, health & safety, system control and remote site monitoring


Allow companies providing Internet of Things the ability to understand how each mobile operator compares on mobile signal and service quality

Public Safety

Enable emergency service organisations to understand the coverage areas and service quality of their public safety networks, such as the UK's ESN

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