QuantumPath Mobile Service Assurance

An innovative and unique Mobile Service Assurance solution. Ideal for organisations who need to continuously monitor and troubleshoot the coverage and quality of their mobile connectivity.

What is QuantumPath MSA?

Over the last decade, the quantum leap in mobile and network technology has allowed for many innovations in communications within organisations. However, those same organisations are often unable to guarantee the quality of applications as experienced by their users at the edge of the network.

QuantumPath is the answer.

QuantumPath is the unique solution for these organisations and was developed in the UK specifically to solve this edge assurance problem.


QuantumPath provides organisations the ability to survey, compare, monitor and support services and applications running over their own network infrastructure, or that of third parties

Artificial Intelligence

QuantumPath goes further by including the ability to provide an initial diagnosis of any issues
With appropriate placement of clients throughout the network infrastructure, QuantumPath will pro-actively monitor and test all the way from the network edge to the core, and thereby pin-point the location of any issues within the network 


Application performance can be continuously monitored over large geographic areas, from local regions to the globe. This makes QuantumPath ideal for telecommuter, campus, branch and multi-national remote site support of disparate third party technologies

Use Cases

Branch and Telecommuter

Monitor and support business applications at remote locations; provide remote information and testing that is hard to obtain from the user

Ditch Current Operator

Monitor and compare mobile operators and highlight the best provider in terms of signal and application performance

Remove IT Strategy Risk

Monitor innovative edge networking and cloud scenarios before, during, and after roll-out

Mitigate IT Skills Shortage

Free up IT resources previously utilised in supporting end users, whilst providing detailed data to identify rapid workarounds and fixes

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